Product / Service #1

launching of Ladies In Wales for Transgender Mental health care in wales

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Product / Service #2

The Trans Space website build by us for us .

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Product / Service #3

Emed Medical offering non invasive surgeries


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our Main Message

we are waiting for the application for the number now and holding meeting thursday for trustees in roath should persons want to help and come on board .
This project will work with EMED and Race Equality First to provide social work shops and open work shops for the work place for best new practace for mental health for Transgender and CIS gender persons and current hate crime for private companies and socilal LGBT centres across Wales .

For to long Mental Health Care in the Welsh community has gone over looked We need a Centre available to us to reduce waiting times with minor surgeries and assessment to assist a private Health Care .


Educating Welsh Workplaces on current legislation on :

Transgender Employment legislation

Employee rights and Mental health care in the work place

Hate crime

Racial Equality


Next Steps...

Help Us Create a safer Wales built around us the way We want it .